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Check out the current sets we have to offer. We will be adding the option to custom make sets in the near future.

It is preferred that you order a current set to make sure that we have your correct size for your custom set.


Shop Normee’s nails are completely custom-made upon ordering. They can take 7 - 21 days to complete depending on our order volume.

All sets come with an extra 4 standard nails as backups.

All essential items needed to prepare your natural nail:

  • Cuticle stick
  • Nail file
  • Mini buffer
  • Alcohol pad
  • Nail glue
  • Cuticle oil

The instructions on how to apply/remove your nails.

If the nails are removed correctly you can continue to reuse these nails at least 30 more times. 

All sales are final and it is important you have a set that will fit.

Thank you for visiting but mainly thank you for helping our family get on our feet 💜!

How to Measure:

1.  Grab your measuring tape!

2.  Measure horizontally across the widest part of your natural nail bed.

3.  Count each line using the mm side.

4.  Each line will equal 1mm.

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